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FALL is a time full of fun and activity, but the season is not without hazards for your pet.


• Candy –All candy, especially chocolate and sugar free (Xylitol), which are toxic to pets. Candy wrappers can cause bowel obstruction if swallowed.
• Cats – Outdoor cats, especially black cats, need to be kept indoors for several days before and after Halloween.
• Dogs – Bring dogs indoors to avoid injuries, teasing, stress or the potential for dognapping.
• All pets – Keep at a safe distance from opening doors. Make sure they are wearing collars with identification. Use caution with costumes.


• Bones – pets can be notorious for getting into trash.
• Stress – pets are often overwhelmed by company. Have a quiet place they can go to.

Most of all just enjoy this wonderful time of year.

• Hiking – Cooler weather makes for great hikes and walks.
• Leaves – what’s more fun than running and jumping in piles of leaves?
• Pumpkin picking – some places will let you bring your dog.
• Cozy naps – doesn’t get better than snuggling with your pet.