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Summer is finally here, which means endless fun in the sun for you and your pets! While we have more opportunities to take our pets on outdoor summer activities, we need to stay mindful of the dangers hot weather can bring:

Keeping paws comfortable and cool: Unlike humans, dogs and cats sweat through their paw pads and can easily burn on hot asphalt and overheat your pet. Letting your dog ride in the bed of a truck is unsafe, and the metal can pose a risk of burning your dog’s paws as well.
Never, EVER leave your dog in a parked car: Many people are already aware of the dangers of leaving your pet in a hot car; your dog can easily develop heatstroke within minutes. Make sure you bring your pet with you if you plan on leaving your car or just don’t bring your pet at all. Also make sure you provide water if you plan on traveling anywhere with your pets.
Flea/tick/mosquito prevention: Although we recommend parasite prevention year round, summer weather tends to bring about a higher risk of parasite-spread conditions like heart worm disease. Make sure your pet is protected with the appropriate parasite prevention.
Water and shade: Dogs cool themselves down by panting. Cold water and shade are an absolute must if you’re planning on putting your dog outside on hotter days. Providing a shallow kiddie pool in your backyard can help your dog keep cool and have fun during the summer!
Backyard BBQ safety: BBQs and backyard parties can be an excellent way for you and your pets to socialize! But party goers should be aware that there are certain foods that can be toxic, even life threatening for your dogs including onions, garlic, mushrooms, bones, chocolate and alcohol.