Veterinary Visits in the Era of COVID-19

Why Is My Veterinarian So Busy?

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  • More patients per vet than pre-COVID
  • Increased pet adoptions nationwide
  • Increased anxiety for pets and their owners, some requiring extra time
  • Pets are needing “catchup care” after visiting their vet less in 2020
  • We know every pet needs help, and we do our best not to turn them away

Less Staff Availability

Westridge Veterinary Hospital
  • Increased workload to staff ratio
  • Illness protocols have changed causing more missed working days
  • Stress and time constraints of an increasingly busy schedule

What Has Stayed The Same?

Westridge Veterinary Hospital
  • Our commitment to the highest quality medicine and care for your pet
  • The connection to our patients and their owners…we love our community!
  • We continuously strive to improve our service to you and your pet

How Can You Help Us?

Westridge Veterinary Hospital
  • Please call ahead of your appointment with any questions or changes.
  • Schedule non-emergent exams and procedures well in advance, so you and your pet get an ample amount of time for your appointment.
  • Treat our staff with kindness, patience and understanding. Our team is working very hard to make sure your pet is comfortable and calm during their appointment, taking extra time with each pet as necessary.